A Breathing Trick To Help Calm You When The Holidays Stress You Out

You’ll probably hit your breaking point at least once over the holidays.  Family, shopping, screaming kids.  It’s all stressful.  So when you think you’re about to go crazy, here’s a little breathing trick you can try.

It’s supposed to calm down your nervous system by doing some careful breathing exercises that last about a minute. It is backed up by science as well so it’s been proven to work before.

Step One:  Breathe in through your nose.  Then with your lips pursed, do 10 to 15 SHARP half-second exhales through your mouth.

You should make a “shhh” or “ffff” sound with each one, like the sound a boxer makes when they throw a jab.  Push from your diaphragm, and flex your abs with each breath.  It should almost feel like a light ab workout if you do it right.

Step Two:  Close your eyes, and take a series of SLOW breaths.  Breathe in deep through your nose and out through your mouth.  But don’t let your shoulders move up and down with each breath.  Let your stomach expand instead.

Do that a few times . . . try to slow your breathing down a little more with each breath . . . and you’re done.

Read more and watch a video about it: CLICK HERE



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