Carrie Underwood’s 2022 tour will be the first time she’s toured without her kids in “years”

ABC/Connie Chornuk

Carrie Underwood heads out on her Denim & Rhinestones tour this fall, and for the first time in a long time, she won’t have her kids in tow with her.

That’s right: Carrie’s adorable plus-ones, 7-year-old Isaiah and 3-year-old Jacob, typically join her when she’s on the road, but now that they’re old enough to go to school, they’ll be staying at home and only coming out for visits.

She’ll miss them, of course, but Carrie tells ET Online that flying solo this time around isn’t necessarily a bad thing. “I feel like it’ll be a little bit easier, I guess, to go on tour, because my kids are in school now,” she says.

“It’ll be the first time I haven’t had a baby on the road in years. Years years,” she continues. “So I am looking forward to being able to really work and not be so tired.”

Carrie’s tour kicks off on October 15 with opening act Jimmie Allen. Even though her boys won’t be joining her this time around, she’ll still see them plenty, she adds — the singer says she’s making stops at home in Nashville to make sure she sees her two kids as much as she can.

The singer’s boys have both gone on the road with her plenty, and Isaiah has also joined her in the studio in the past. He duets with his superstar mom on a rendition of “Little Drummer Boy,” which is featured on Carrie’s 2020 Christmas album, My Gift.

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