COVID-19 Joint Information Center Update

(Mason City) – Tuesday, April 21st, 2020

Data Snapshot

  • 3,641 total lab confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Iowa (04/20/2020).
    • 14 total lab confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Cerro Gordo (04/20/2020).
      • Age Ranges of Lab Confirmed Cases: (18-40) = 2 cases, (41-60) = 6 cases, (61-80) = 6 cases
  • 83 deaths in Iowa
    • 0 deaths in Cerro Gordo
  • 1,109 COVID-19 tests administered at the mobile testing unit (04/20/2020).

A status report of monitoring and testing of COVID-19 in Iowa provided by IDPH can be found at For Cerro Gordo County data, visit

State of Iowa Launches New Testing Initiative

Today Gov. Reynolds announced the launch of a new initiative called Test Iowa. This COVID-19 testing initiative originated in Utah and now Iowa is just the second state in the U.S. to launch the initiative. The goal is to dramatically increase the rate of COVID-19 testing so Iowans can have better access to testing and help mitigate the spread of COVID-19 to get us back to normal as quickly as possible. The Test Iowa Initiative includes an assessment that was developed in coordination with the Iowa Department of Public Health and it will better inform Iowans of their current health status, whether or not they should get a COVID-19 test, and instructions on how to get tested. The assessment asks about existing symptoms and occupational considerations. From there, you may or may not be directed to a drive through testing site located near you. If your test results are positive, we will ask you to answer some questions to help isolate the infection rate; for example, who you might have been in contact with and where you have traveled recently.  Gov. Reynolds is urging all Iowans to complete the assessment to determine where to establish testing sites, and which regions of Iowa can reopen by analyzing this data.

We are assessing how this initiative will apply to response operations at the local level. We will be providing more information and updates as this initiative develops. Please go to to take the assessment.

Celebrating Earth Day During a Pandemic

Tomorrow is the 50th Celebration of Earth Day! Earth Day started in 1970 with the purpose of raising awareness and demonstrating support for environmental protection. Even though a lot of fun events in our county have been cancelled, Clear Lake and Mason City have some activities that you can do safely.

The City of Clear Lake has 7 tips that all people and families can do tomorrow:

  1. Plastic inventory – How many plastic items are inside your home? Count the number of containers, wraps, bottles and bags you own.  Research products with a more sustainable packaging and purchase on your next shopping trip.
  2. Treat Earth Day like New Year’s Eve – Make an Earth Day Resolution. Something simple you can stick to for the next year. For example: RECYCLE!
  3. Everybody Clean Up!   Take a trash bag and go for a walk. Clean up around your neighborhood or a park.  The winter tends to leave behind a plethora of garbage, strewn about from the cold bitter winds.  Time to clean it up!
  4. Get Dirty – Plant flowers. Plant a tree.  Start an herb garden in your kitchen window.  It doesn’t hurt to get your hands a little dirty.
  5. Practice Conserving Water – It’s estimated that Americans use 80-100 gallons of water each day. One simple way to conserve water usage is taking a shorter shower.
  6. Turn the Lights OFF!  Don’t we all yell this at our children multiple times every day? When you leave a room, flip the switch and turn off the lights.  This simple concept saves a lot of energy.
  7. Let’s get PHYSICAL – Sign up for the virtual 5k/10k race. This event can be completed any time between April 22 – 26.  You can run, walk, jog, skip, or dance your way to completion ( The cost is $25 for adults and $15 for kids (12 and under).  Make it a family affair to get outside and get moving.  Plus, every participant gets this awesome shirt!

For more information on what Clear Lake is doing for Earth Day, visit . Jan Lovell, from CL Tel, will be on the press conference tomorrow as well discussing these tips as well.


The City of Mason City is still encouraging citizens to participate in the Earth Day clean up, even though the 2020 Earth Day Festival is cancelled. If you want to celebrate, please follow the items below:

  • Go to the Earth Day sign up map at under Earth Day, sign up your chosen area to clean
  • Earth Day Cleanup dates are extended through May 15, 2020
  • No groups of more than 10, we are encouraging less than 5 (preferably in shifts)
  • Social distancing of 6 feet apart is required
  • Please email Mary at [email protected] setup time to pick up bags at City Hall
  • When done with clean up, email Mary at [email protected] to have the bags picked up by Sanitation Staff

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