This has happened to me so many times. I go into the grocery store only planning to buy a few items and I walk out with a cart full. But, this may not be entirely my fault or yours if you have done this before as well.

Apparently, grocery stores do certain things to try and get us to buy more stuff. Here are five examples:

1.  They hand out free samples. These get us to try something we wouldn’t normally try and then we typically end up buying it.

2.  They make you use giant shopping carts. That makes us think our cart is kinda empty so we keep adding stuff to it.

3.  They put expensive brands at eye level.  We see what is at eye level first and that means we typically gravitate towards it.

4. They hide the essentials at the back of the store.  Bread, milk, and cheese get put towards the back so we have to pass other stuff that might tempt us.

5.  Ads that say things like, “Ten for $10.”  We then assume we need to buy all ten because it’s a great deal when we really don’t need all ten items of the same thing.

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