• Climbing grocery prices have many of us watching our spending and budget-minded BuzzFeed readers are sharing their best ways to save at the supermarket.
  • Tips include shopping what’s on sale, instead of buying for specific recipes, and getting a rain check for sale items that are sold out.
  • “We started buying a whole chicken for sandwich meat; it runs between $5–6 at our grocery store and we can get a couple of pounds of meat from it, not to mention making stock from the bones. Way cheaper than lunch meat!”
  • “I’ve started grocery shopping on Sundays only so I can leave my kids at home with the husband, even if it means dealing with weekend crowds. If you’re a parent, you know how impossible it is to avoid impulse shopping when kids are with you. Even though Sunday shopping is less ideal for my schedule and way more crowded, I’ve saved a lot of money ever since making this switch.”
  • Others suggest baking bread in a bread machine, investing in a vacuum sealer to freeze food, and adding lentils to meals.
  • Source: BuzzFeed

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