Dan + Shay are no greenhorns to bringing their songs to live concerts and television screens.

But, as Shay Mooney explains, both types of performances come with a different set of nerves.

“First of all, it’s very nerve-wracking to do live television because I feel through the course of [a live concert], if you screw up something, there [are] several opportunities to redeem yourself,” says Shay. “But I feel like, on a TV show, it’s one and done. So, if you mess it up, everybody’s going to see it.”

While the occasional jitters still come, Dan + Shay appreciate any opportunity they get to bring their music to the small screens.

“We’re always thankful when someone asks us to come and play on TV,” adds Shay.

Dan + Shay recently performed their single, “Save Me the Trouble,” at the 57th CMA Awards. The song’s currently #9 and ascending the country charts.

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