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Mike found himself back home in Austin, inspired to return to the sound that had launched his band’s career. He didn’t need to look far for ideas.
“I have an old, square-bodied Chevy pickup from 1985,” he says. “My dad had the same one. I used to work with him as an electrician when I was younger, and I started thinking about my dad, my grandfather, and the original owner of that truck. I thought about the kids I grew up with. Everyone I know who isn’t a musician is working construction. They’re putting one foot in front of the other and trying to appreciate the moment they’re in, while basically working 24/7, 365. A lot of people live their lives that way, and they inspired me to write a working man’s story.

   “I knew I was writing a character-driven record, but I wasn’t sure who he was until we finished,” says Harmeier. “He’sa bit of me, a bit of my father, and a bit of my friends. He’s the Everyman. He’s everyone I know, and everyone I don’t know.”  -per website-

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