Most American Families Do A Lot Of Planning For Vacation

Many folks will be headed out on family vacations this summer, and while they can be great, actually planning them can be a whole other story.

A new survey finds:

  • 68% of parents say there’s a lot of planning involved in a family vacation.
  • Close to 70% of parents say they take on new roles as they plan their vacation.
  • 25% admit to being their family vacation “planner,” while 18% say their partner is an “agent oof chaos,” either causing trouble (18%) or running late (17%).

When it comes to actually doing the planning…

  • 76% of families spend six hours over the course of a few days planning out their entire trip.
  • 61% start doing their planning five weeks in advance.
  • 28% admit they wind up frantically getting ready right before they have to leave.

Of course, when making plans, parents are always on the look out for some necessary amenities that will make the trip run smoothly.

  • Some of the top necessities include:
    • Amenities (pool, on-site entertainment, dining, etc. (47%)
    • Making sure they’re kid-friendly hotels (41%)
    • Proximity to local cultural attractions (40%)
    • Reviews / Recommendations (39%)
    • Offer breakfast (35%)

Source: SWNS Digital

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