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North Iowa Strong T-Shirt Campaign

We are running a t-shirt campaign for the next 30 days. The funds will go directly to small businesses in North Iowa who wish to participate in our campaign. $13.00 of every shirt purchased will go back to business right here in North Iowa, $10.00 of the funds will go to the business of your choice while the other $3.00 will be put in a general fund to be split among all participating businesses.

Our campaign was created with small businesses in mind.

When you go to You have the option to purchase a shirt or make a $50.00 donation. When purchasing your shirt or opting in for a donation you are required to choose which business you would like to support. If you are purchasing multiple shirts or making multiple donations you can pick multiple businesses.

All shirts will be available for pick up at the business you chose with the hopes of boosting sales at that business.

Our goal is to make a huge North Iowa community event and make the biggest impact we can for our small business community. We are not looking to make a profit but to cover our costs and help other businesses during this time of need.


Example of how this will work:

XYZ Company is a participating business

Those who choose to support XYZ will go online and purchase their shirt

Once the campaign ended XYZ had 50 shirts purchased to support them.

D&D will print all the shirts and deliver the 50 to XYZ, bagged and tagged for customers to pick up.

Along with the shirts D&D will also present XYZ with a check for $500.00 along with their portion of the general fund (20 business participants would be the total in the fund divided by 20).

Customers would then come to XYZ to pick up their shirt and hopefully purchase something.

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