Pendleton Whisky’s Let’er Buck Stock of the Year 2021 awards announced
Pendleton Whisky’s Let’er Buck Stock of the Year awards announced
COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. – Standing out among a crowd of exceptional roughstock requires a perfect balance of animal athleticism and the cowboys capable of showcasing that talent. The 2021 “Pendleton Whisky’s Let ‘er Buck Bucking Stock of the Year Awards” is recognized as follows:
Bareback Horse of the Year
1.   Xplosive Skies – Calgary Stampede, 40 points
2.   Gun Fire – Frontier Rodeo, 34 points
3.   OLS Tubs Stevie Knicks – Macza Pro Rodeo, 12 points
Saddle Bronc of the Year
1.   Onion Ring – Korkow Rodeos, 23 points
2.   Wild Cherry – Calgary Stampede, 18 points
3.   (Tie) All or Nothing – Andrews Rodeo, 13 points
       Kool Toddy – Big Bend Rodeo Co., 13 points
Bull of the Year
1.   Chiseled – Powder River Rodeo, 29 points
2.   Smoke Stack – Beutler & Son Rodeo, 23 points
3.   Resistol’s Cliff Hanger – Big Rafter Rodeo, 16 points
The information enclosed in this release is courtesy of the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association (PRCA) 

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