According to the Transportation Security Administration, a man from Berks County, Pennsylvania attempted to bring a loaded handgun in his carry-on luggage at Philadelphia International Airport on Monday.

On Monday, at PHL, TSA officers discovered a .45 caliber gun in the carry-on bag of a man from Mohnton. As a result, the man was cited by the officers.

As per the TSA, the firearm consisted of 11 rounds, including a bullet already in the chamber.

According to TSA, the man is set to receive a federal civil penalty and a criminal citation.

According to the TSA’s federal security director for the airport, Gerardo Spero, carrying a loaded firearm to an airport security checkpoint poses an unnecessary security risk to officers and fellow travelers. In a news release, Spero emphasized the importance of properly packing firearms for flights, stating that bringing a loaded handgun to the security checkpoint is not the appropriate way to do so.

According to Spero, the safest way to pack an unloaded firearm is by placing it inside a locked hard-sided case.

According to Spero, the next step is to bring the case to the airline check-in counter and inform them that you will be traveling with it. The airline will then take care of transporting it in the cargo hold, ensuring that no one can access it during the flight. The process is straightforward and hassle-free.

According to the TSA, individuals who attempt to bring a firearm through airport security may face hefty civil penalties amounting to thousands of dollars and may also risk being arrested.

Philadelphia International Airport announced on Monday that TSA checkpoints have intercepted 18 firearms so far this year. In 2023, the agency broke a record by seizing 45 guns.

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