Ridiculous Lies Parents Have Told Their Kids To Make Them Behave

Have you ever told your kid something completely ridiculous to make them behave? Did your parents ever tell you something crazy to make you behave? Well, a new article from Buzzfeed lists out some of the favorite lies that parents have used. Here are a few:

1.  To make them stop eating in bed, someone’s parents told them that if they ate lying down, they’d turn into a snake.

2.  A woman wouldn’t eat beef when she was a kid, but loved chicken.  So when her mom made beef, she claimed it was just “brown chicken.”

3.  A woman’s mom told her that if the ice cream truck was playing music, it meant they were OUT of ice cream.

4.  Someone’s mom told them that if they fell asleep with headphones on, their ears would explode.

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