Rodeo Recap: World Class Bucking Stock Moving to a New Home

In Las Vegas, stock contractor Pete Carr made news by purchasing all 10 of Hi Lo ProRodeo’s competing at the 2021 Wrangler NFR. Carr bought Hi Lo ProRodeo’s five bareback horses, Midnight Kid, Wilson Sanchez, High Heels, Pretty Woman and Redzilla – as well as Hi Lo Pro Rodeo’s five saddle bronc horses, Palindrome, Border Town, Larry Culpepper, Billie and Toma Jo. “I bought their whole deal (of horses) and then wired them the money during the NFR,” said Carr. “Their guy who drives their truck loaded them up (Dec. 12) and took them to our ranch in Moscow, Texas and six of these 10 horses that I bought from Hi Lo are mares. “If you noticed at the Finals, I have horses that have been there 17 years, they get some age on them,” Carr said. “We have some of the greatest young bucking horses coming, but sometimes you need a bridge. I just wanted to make sure we still keep our numbers (at the NFR). We took 15 this year and if we can get back to that 25 number, I think a couple of years ago I had 27. We pride ourselves in having great animals and that’s what our company is built around. We have had a lot of success with our breeding program and buying great animals like this from other people.”

 the information is courtesy of the PRCA.

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