Steer wrestler Nick Guy returns to NFR with a bang with Round 1 win

Steer wrestler Nick Guy of Sparta Wisconsin was making his first trip back to the Wrangler NFR in four years and made up for lost time.

“Honestly, I’ve been looking forward to this run for a long time,” said Guy, 38. “Missing it (the NFR) for a few years after you’ve made it quite a few times is a hard pill to swallow. To come back here, the first night, and take the opportunity and try to start the week hot is what my plan was. I talked to a few people today and told them to be ready to go to the South Point (Casino). I had this in my mind, and it all came together. Steer wrestling, you think about, put a plan together, and act. It happens so fast that if you try to make it happen, things go awry.”

Guy, who came in No. 15 in the PRCA | RAM World Standings, said it was to get this confidence boost.

“It’s huge. I’ve been here on both sides of the spectrum,” Guy said. “I’ve been here and won the first round before, won 2nd the second round and just kept rolling. And I’ve been here where the first round hasn’t gone well. You just have to take one run at a time. If you’re looking back at the last one, you’re already in your way for the next one. You have to roll with the punches a little bit. You’re not going to win every night, but you have to take advantage when you can and have fun. More than anything, I’m here this year to have fun.”


 courtesy of the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association (PRCA)

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