Stepping Outside Is A Fast Way To Ease Stress & Anxiety According to a New Study

What helps you relax when you’re stressed out? People have different go-to remedies, but it turns out, the simplest fix could be just outside your door. According to a new survey for Mental Health Awareness Month, just stepping outside helps 94% of people relax when they’re stressed or anxious.

The poll of 2-thousand Americans reveals:

On average, it takes people just nine minutes to calm down and unwind after going outside.
Seven in 10 respondents are making a conscious effort to spend more time outside to improve their mental health and 69% are trying to incorporate outside time in their daily routine.
People rate their day-to-day stress and anxiety at a moderate level four on a scale of one to 10, but those who don’t get outside everyday rate theirs a five.
Their top stressors are finances (52%), current events (37%), health (37%) and relationships (29%).
Activities that help reduce stress include breathing in fresh air (54%), going on a walk (53%), cleaning and organizing (34%), and texting or calling a friend (33%).
The positive benefits of outside time are so important to people, 51% of respondents say an outdoor space was a must-have when they moved into their home.
Even though they know it’s good for their mental health, 65% admit they skip their outdoor time on a busy day.
Almost half (48%) of those polled have a sense of pride about their nice yard and three-quarters (74%) want to spend more time than they do enjoying their outdoor space.
And 57% even feel guilty about not spending enough time in their yards.
Source: SWNS Digital

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