The Average American Feels Insecure 5 Times A Day

Some people appear to be so self-assured, they never doubt themselves, but they may not be as confident as they seem. According to new research, the average American feels insecure five times every day.

They commonly feel those shaky nerves in difficult situations, like:

  • speaking in front of a large group (40%)
  • not being properly prepared (34%)
  • starting a new job (28%)
  • using a new dating app for the first time (27%)
  • or being the last one to walk into a meeting (22%)

The poll of 2-thousand U.S. adults also reveals:

  • The idea of “fake it til you make it” may really work, as 55% of those who have faked their confidence say it actually helped to boost their real confidence.
  • About three-quarters (76%) of respondents believe confidence has a domino effect. They feel secure in other areas of their lives after having control in one area, especially with exercise (34%), parenting (33%) and playing sports (31%).
  • People also shared the tricks and tips they use to boost their confidence, including adopting a positive mindset (48%), leaning on loved ones for support (48%), being prepared for anything (45%) and helping others (41%).
  • Age seems to help with confidence, too, as 37% of those surveyed say they valued others’ opinions of them more than their own, but 46% say their own opinion of themselves matters more now.

Source: Study Finds

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