What Are The Top Gifts Kids Want In 2018?

Valley of gifts leads towards Christmas tree

A new survey asked 2,000 parents what their kids have been asking for this year for Christmas.  Well, the top ten categories aren’t quite as dominated by tech stuff as I expected. There are actually some classic gifts in the top of the list!

1.  Computer games.

2.  Legos.

3.  Clothes.  Especially for older kids, in middle school or high school.

4.  Books.

5.  A new phone.

6.  Video game consoles.

7.  Board games.

8.  iPads and tablets.

9.  A new laptop.

10.  DVDs and digital movies.

A few classic gifts just missed the top 10 like a new bike, Nerf guns, action figures and more.

Read the full list and more about it: CLICK HERE



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