We’re all getting older and there’s nothing we can do about it, but some people do seem to keep their youthful appearance for longer and it turns out, certain facial features may help with that. There are all kinds of things that can affect the aging process, including sun exposure, poor sleep, stress and a less than healthy diet, but aesthetics experts say some people’s facial features mean they’ll naturally age better than others.

Doctors and skincare experts reveal which features may help people look younger for longer:

  • Square face shape – According to Dr. Raj Arora, people with broad foreheads, angular jaws and strong cheekbones tend to show signs of aging slower than others. She explains, “Because square faces are so well structured, you don’t have to worry about aging as much.”
  • High cheekbones – Those with high cheekbones also tend to maintain the structure of their face better. Dr. Arora says people with oval face shapes will still have a youthful appearance as they get older because they “typically have high cheekbones, balanced proportions of forehead and cheeks and sharp contours.”
  • Rounder cheeks – A round face shape has no extreme lines or angles on the face, so it has a softer appearance and people with round faces tend to have very full cheeks, which helps them look youthful.
  • Oily skin – Cosmetic dermatologist Natali Kelly explains that while those with oily skin may have issues with breakouts or applying makeup, because their skin is good at retaining moisture, they also hold onto their youthful appearance longer. She says, “The oil naturally keeps it hydrated daily and therefore reduces the early signs of fine lines and wrinkles.”
  • Darker skin – People who have it also tend to look more youthful for longer, according to dermatologist Dr. Derrick Phillips. He explains that the high melanin content helps protect skin and delays some of the signs of aging, like wrinkling and sagging.

Source: Daily Mail