Britt’s Morning Brew Crew


  • Monday - Friday
    5:00 am - 10:00 am


Meet Britt...Born & raised on a farm. She woke up early to do livestock chores and worked out in the field for her family and took on baling hay and picking rock for side job money. A member of 4H club and eventually turned to be the 4H leader.  She married, and later divorced, her high school sweetheart who was a bullrider while she was a barrel racer.  During that time she went to school to be a vet but found herself on the fluffier side owning her own dog grooming business. The country lifestyle and rodeo background never left her tho, she eventually took her knowledge of country fashion and mixed it with running a western store. With her extensive background, it's no wonder she's one of Mason City's go to radio hosts.


Britt Bailey



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