Fashion and fitness experts are sharing what your gym look says about you

You can tell a lot about someone from the way they dress, even when they’re heading to the gym. According to both fashion and fitness experts, what you wear to workout can reveal a lot about you. Athleisure is very trendy, but some people still wear workout gear to actually work out.

Ari Serrano, designer and host of “What New York Wears,” and certified personal trainer Jess Paris weigh on what your gym fit says about you.

  • Full tracksuit – Stepping into a gym in a tracksuit ensemble shows you’re not just a fashionista in training, you’re actually there to train. Serrano says if he sees someone decked out in a full Adidas or Kappa Kappa tracksuit, he would “think they’re an athlete or someone who probably jogs outside every morning and takes workouts very seriously.”
  • T-shirt, basketball shorts and a drawstring bag – Wearing a ratty old t-shirt and shorts signals you have a more relaxed fitness style. “I would think they’re going to, like the YMCA or an old traditional gym … or are maybe a stoner,” teases Serrano.
  • Ski mask – If you see someone running while wearing a ski mask, it’s probably a guy and while it may look like he’s about to rob something, the fashion expert says it shows he’s super serious about his health and wants to be outside, even in the cold.
  • Matching sportswear set and headphones – Those who sport the latest coordinating Lululemon set and Hoka sneakers to go with it while chatting away on their Bluetooth Apple Airpods Max headphones have places to be and are ready to get down to business. They don’t have time to waste if they want to get their sweat sesh in before their next meeting and it shows.
  • Sneakers – “Shoes are the biggest telltale sign if somebody doesn’t know what they’re doing,” Paris explains. “If they’re wearing Converse or Nike Air Force Ones, you know they’re not really prepared.” The fitness trainer points out that a lot of popular sneakers are made for athleisure, not for real workouts. And while the latest viral footwear trends may look good, Paris recommends wearing the clothing and shoes that work best for that workout, regardless of what’s most trendy.

Source: NY Post

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