Grace, Grit, and Glam: Miss Rodeo America competition during the WNFR

The Miss Rodeo America competition, a highlight during the National Finals Rodeo (NFR), is a showcase of poise, personality, and horsemanship. Contestants from each state vie for the coveted title, embodying the spirit and grace of the rodeo queen tradition.

Contestants in the Miss Rodeo America competition are judged across a spectrum of criteria. These include horsemanship skills, personality, appearance, and their ability to articulate their knowledge of the sport and its traditions. The competition seeks an individual who not only represents her state with pride but also epitomizes the values and ideals of the rodeo community.

To compete on the Miss Rodeo America stage, contestants must first clinch the title in their respective states. This involves a rigorous process of local competitions and demonstrates the dedication and skill required to represent their state at the national level.

The Miss Rodeo America competition is upheld by the support of longtime sponsors, whose commitment ensures the continued success and prestige of the event. These sponsors play a vital role in providing scholarships and opportunities for the contestants, fostering education and leadership within the rodeo community.

Over the years, the list of Miss Rodeo America winners reads like a chronicle of rodeo royalty. These accomplished women not only wear the crown with grace but also contribute to the promotion and preservation of rodeo heritage. Their reign extends beyond the NFR, as they become ambassadors for the sport, exemplifying the ideals of Miss Rodeo America with dignity and authenticity.

Just some of the Sponsors that it takes to put together the Miss Rodeo America Competition:

  • Greeley Hat Works :
    • Greeley Hat Works, under the expert curation of owner Trent Johnson, stands as a renowned authority in crafting exceptional custom hats. Located in Greeley, Colorado, this establishment seamlessly blends traditional craftsmanship with contemporary style. Trent, a master hat maker, has elevated Greeley Hat Works into a symbol of quality and innovation in the hat industry. Trent’s commitment to excellence has garnered the attention of not only everyday hat enthusiasts but also celebrities including many of the Yellowstone stars and rodeo athletes seeking one-of-a-kind headwear. The fusion of time-honored techniques and Trent’s creative vision makes Greeley Hat Works a destination for those desiring distinctive, handcrafted hats. Craftsmanship that reflects personal style, Western authenticity, and attention to detail.
  • Wrangler:
    • Wrangler, is synonymous with Western wear. Seamlessly integrating its iconic brand into the heart of the rodeo world. As the official sponsor and the exclusive jeans and shirts provider for the NFR, Wrangler’s presence is felt both in and out of the arena. Rodeo athletes showcase the brand’s durability and style, and Rodeo Queens highlight the fashion and spirit of the American cowgirl. Beyond clothing, Wrangler’s sponsorship extends its commitment to preserving and celebrating the rich heritage of rodeo while outfitting those who live the country lifestyle.
  • Boot Barn:
    • Boot Barn, a retailer specializing in western and work-related footwear, apparel, and accessories. As a trusted country outfitter, Boot Barn recognizes the significance of Miss Rodeo America as an ambassador, and this sponsorship underscores the brand’s dedication to contributing to the elegance and authenticity of rodeo fashion.
  • Justin Boots:
    • Justin Boots, a renowned cowboy boot manufacturer is where elegance meets authenticity. As a proud partner, Justin Boots elevates the fashion of rodeo royalty, blending timeless western craftsmanship with contemporary flair. From the pageant stage to the arena, Justin Boots remains an essential element, seamlessly integrated into the stylish journey of rodeo queens.
  • Montana Silversmiths:
    • Montana Silversmiths, known for their western-inspired jewelry, buckles, and timeless elegance. As a cherished partner, their iconic pieces become the crowning touch to rodeo royalty’s ensembles. From glittering belt buckles to finely crafted accessories, Montana Silversmiths reflects the regal style of country fashion. Each piece embodies tradition, sophistication, and the enduring spirit of the rodeo.

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