Harsh Realities Of Dating In Your Late 30s

Dating can be discouraging at any age, but if you’re looking for love in your late 30s, there are some unique challenges. Whether you’ve never been married or you’re returning to the dating world after a breakup or divorce, these are the harsh realities you may face as an older thirtysomething.

  • You feel like a ticking time bomb if you don’t have kids already – If you want to be a mom and you’re not yet, you may feel like your ovaries are ready to explode. And you may find yourself wondering if every new guy you go out with could be daddy material.
  • Some men are scared off by women with kids – If you do have children, you’ll find some guys just can’t handle it. So good riddance to them!
  • Men want women in their 20s – They may be years older than you, but the harsh reality is that a lot of men are looking for younger women. Just keep in mind that the right guy won’t care about how old you are.
  • People never stop asking when you’re getting married – If you’ve never said “I do” and you’re over 30, people will constantly want to know when you will be.
  • A lot of men refuse to grow up – They might be pushing 40, but some guys are still far from mature and seem to be enjoying their bachelorhood too much to change their ways.
  • Men still play games – We all have baggage and by the time you’re in your late 30s, you may have a lot of it, but that doesn’t mean you should put up with anyone playing games with your heart.

Source: Your Tango

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