How To Exercise Safely On Hot Summer Days

Do you actually prefer exercising when it’s hot out? Finding motivation to workout can be challenging, but when temperatures are sky high, it’s even tougher.

As if it’s not hard enough to find motivation to exercise, soaring summer temperatures make it even tougher. Staying inside on the couch for the rest of the season isn’t really an option, but there are some things we can do to make our workouts a little more comfortable. Fitness expert and personal trainer Stephanie Mansour shares her tips for staying safe and even cool while working out in the summer heat.

She says it starts before you work out, by considering your schedule, choosing clothing wisely and paying attention to hydration before you start your sweat sesh.

To cool down after you work out in the heat:

  • Stretch – Do them while you’re still warm, and add a cold washcloth or bandana to the back of your neck or wrists.
  • Breath – Do a cooling breath by curling the sides of your tongue and breathing in and out through your mouth.
  • Take a cold shower – To help lower your body temperature.
  • Have a post-workout snack – Something cool and nourishing, like Greek yogurt with fruit, fruit popsicles or a cold protein smoothie.

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