More Than Half Of Pet Parents Plan To Bring Their Pets Trick Or Treating On Halloween

Apparently a lot of people aren’t just thinking about their costumes, but about their pet’s costumes as well!

A new WAG! survey finds:

  • 95% of pet parents say they are excited for Halloween this year.
  • 59% of pet parents who celebrate Halloween say they will bring their pets trick or treating with them.
  • And pet parents plan to spend in order to make sure their four-legged friends look good.
  • 55% of dog owners and 46% of cat owners say they’ll spend more than $25 on their pet’s costume.
  • While 30% of dog owners and 26% of cat owners will spend more than $50.
  • Overall, 31% of pet owners would prefer to bring their dog or cat trick or treating than their child or spouse.
  • 38% of people would rather a dog or cat be at their door trick or treating than a child, friend or neighbor.
  • 53% think dogs or cats look cuter in costume than children.

As for the most common dog/cat costumes…

  • 50% of pet parents plan to put their pets in a superhero costume.
  • 54% are considering a “funny costume.”
  • And some folks have definite ideas of what costumes will go best with certain breeds.
  • They include:
    • Great Dane + Jurassic Park dinosaur
    • Pitbull + Thor
    • Cavalier King Charles Spaniel + Bridgerton character
    • Shih-­‐tzu + Winifred from Hocus Pocus
    • German Shepherd + Batman
    • Golden Retriever + Spiderman
    • Chihuahua + Yoda

Source: Wag!

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