Pets have love languages, too!

Do you know your love language? We all give and receive love in different ways and there are five love languages that reflect that: words of affirmation, acts of service, receiving gifts, quality time, and physical touch. It turns out, pets have love languages, too, and according to a new survey of cat and dog owners, 62% believe they share the same love language as their pet.

The poll of 2-thousand pet parents also reveals:

  • Half of them say physical touch is their pet’s love language.
  • To speak it, owners pet them (83%), give them hugs (62%) and kisses (55%).
  • Quality time is the second most popular let love language (27%) and to show that, people let their furry friend sleep in their bed (62%) and take them along anytime they can (40%).
  • Food is the way to some pet’s hearts, and their parents try to give them high-quality meals (53%), prioritize their health and nutrition (47%) and add variety to their diet (32%).
  • Nearly all – 95% – believe their pet knows how much they love them.
  • The top ways pet parents know their pet loves them are when they follow them around all day (65%), sleep next to them in bed (58%), give kisses (48%), and play with them or their toys (47%).
  • Almost half (47%) believe their pet sees them as a best friend and 42% say they see their pet the same way.
  • Another 38% see their pet as their child and 37% think their pet sees them as a parent.

Source: SWNS Digital

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