Plenty of Fish list of the top dating trends for 2024

Keeping up with all the new trends and terminology in the world of dating can be challenging, but Plenty of Fish is here to help. The dating app has just released their seventh annual list of dating trends, revealing what singles will be facing in the year ahead.

They polled nearly 6-thousand U.S. members and found that pop culture and TikTok trends will have a big influence in 2024. These are some of the top trends in the year ahead, according to Plenty of Fish.

  • Rizz-Colored Glasses – This is when people are drawn into relationships with charming people, those who have “rizz.”
  • Smashing the Date-triarchy – Instead of settling for the kind of relationship society approves of with someone who doesn’t meet their needs, singles are choosing their own path ahead by Smashing the Date-triarchy.
  • Contra-dating – Dating outside your usual “type” or those you’re typically compatible with in order to branch out and broaden your horizons. More than half (59%) of Plenty of Fish users have tried Contra-dating and 36% are making an effort to move away from their “type.”
  • Canon-Bailing – Prioritizing your own needs and creating your own identity outside of a relationship.
  • Investi-dating – Doing extensive research on a match or a date across social media platforms. It’s pretty common, as 77% of singles admit to looking someone up before a first date and 48% see it as an extra safety measure.
  • Groundhog-Day-ting – Taking all of your first dates to the same place every time because it’s familiar and comfortable. Over three-quarters (77%) like going to the same spot for first dates, with 33% saying it takes the stress out of planning where to go.
  • F.O.S.O. – A fear of starting over, leading to staying with the person you’re dating, even if you’re settling. It’s something 45% of singles admit to doing.
  • Pet-rothing – If you’re more attached to someone’s pet than you are to them, but you keep dating so you can see the pet, that’s Pet-rothing.
  • Week-Day-ting – Planning dates on weeknights so you don’t waste your weekends on what could be a sub-par date.
  • Hottie Desking – When singles up their game and try to find a romance at work, where they already spend a lot of their time.

Source: Plenty of Fish

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