Skills Your Kid Should Know Before Leaving For College

High school spends a lot of time focusing on what teens need to be academically ready for college, but some of the most essential skills they need to succeed aren’t taught in school. Professors, therapists, career counselors and parents share the practical knowledge they think kids should have before they leave home for college.

  • How to apologize well – Being able to genuinely say you’re sorry, take responsibility for your mistakes without blaming or trying to justify is a skill worth mastering for anyone. Learning how to do it as a young adult will help them in college and long after in both personal and professional relationships.
  • How to do laundry – If your teen doesn’t know how to wash, dry, fold and put away their own clothes, teach them what to do before they’re overwhelmed in the dorm laundry room. They’ll also need to know how to wash their bedding and how often to do so.
  • How to listen to their body – Tell your teen to pay attention to their bodily cues and to listen to what they’re telling them. To move toward people, places and ideas that light them up and have them buzzing with positive energy, and to not ignore things that leave their belly in knots or their shoulders tense.
  • How to be assertive – Your college kid will need to be able to advocate for themselves and communicate effectively and share their thoughts and opinions. Give them the chance to speak up for themselves, then give them loving feedback to guide them as they get better at it.
  • How to create and maintain a healthy routine – They’ll need to know how to prioritize healthy habits like sleep, eating nutritious foods, being active and hobbies that make them happy, all while balancing time spent studying, working and partying, since it is college we’re talking about.
  • How to stay on top of important letters and emails – Help your teen recognize official correspondence from the school or work and actually read it, paying attention to deadlines.
  • How to stick to a budget – Teach kids to manage their money and how to be able to say “no” when they reach their spending limit.
  • How to clean a bathroom – Help them learn the basics that go into a weekly bathroom cleaning, even if they’re living in the dorm as a freshman.
  • How important it is to connect with people and find true friends – Encourage them to get to know people different than they are and to be open to new experiences with their new besties.

Source: Huff Post

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