The Fastest Ways To Chill A Bottle Of Wine

Sometimes we forget to put a bottle of wine in the fridge or we get a hostess gift and want to open it right away, but a lukewarm glass of wine can ruin the whole experience. Fortunately, there are several ways to cool down a bottle in a hurry that don’t involve the dreaded ice cubes in a glass of wine. These are some of the fastest methods to chill wine and the best part? Most of these use things you already have at home.

  • The Best Overall: Ice Bucket + Salt – Using an ice bucket may seem obvious, but it works even more effectively if you add some salt to the ice water. Salt causes the ice to melt at a lower temperature, so the water gets colder a lot faster. Using a cup of table salt will do the trick and if you twist the bottle around in the water, it speeds the process up even more.
  • The Easiest: Paper Towel + Freezer – This one couldn’t be more simple. Just wrap a damp paper towel around the bottle and stick it in the freezer. It’s great for red wines, as it can chill them in as little as 15 minutes, while whites will take more time in the freezer to reach the ideal temperature.
  • The Most Delicious: Frozen Grapes – Using ice cubes in wine is a major faux pas [[foh-pah]] since the melted ice dilutes the wine and changes the overall flavor. But popping some frozen grapes into your glass will bring the temperature down without adding any extra water. And then you can eat the grapes when you’re finished drinking.
  • The Best For Open Bottles: VoChill – It’s an accessory that you freeze ahead of time and it acts as a frozen cradle to chill your glass of wine between sips.
  • The Last Resort: The Plastic Bag Hack – This may not be the most sophisticated or graceful way to get your wine cold, but it works. Just pour your bottle into a gallon-sized Ziploc bag and stick it in the freezer. Since the surface area is larger in the bag compared to the bottle, it cools down faster. Then you can use a funnel to transfer the chilled wine back to the bottle or into a container that’s easier to pour than a bag.

Source: Delish

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