The Most Popular Grandparent Nicknames In The U.S.

Grandparents Day is coming up this Sunday, (September 10th) and just in time for the holiday, new research tells us what people call their grandma and grandpa. Some families use traditional names, while others get creative, and a survey of 15-hundred U.S. adults from all 50 states reveals the most popular nicknames for grandparents, besides grandma and grandpa.

  • Coming in first is “Nana,” which is what folks in 12 states call their grandmas.
  • “Grammy,” “Granny,” and “Gran” are tied for second, followed by “Grandmother,” “Mamaw” and “Abuela” in a three-way tie for third.
  • “Abuela” is Spanish for grandmother and it’s the most popular name used in four states: Arizona, California, Florida and Texas.
  • “Oma,” “Mamaw,” “Bubbe,” “Gram,” and “Nanny” are also the top name in at least one state.
  • “Papa” is the most popular nickname for grandfathers, coming in first in 13 states.
  • “Grandad” is next, with 11 states, followed by “Pop-pop” with seven states. “Abuelo,” “Grandfather,” “Papaw” and “Pawpaw” are all used in a handful of states as well.
  • The survey also finds that 68% of respondents would rather spend time with their grandparents over their own parents.
  • People see at least one of their grandparents 27 times a year, on average, while 45% talk to their grandparents on the phone at least once a month.
  • As for their favorite grandparent, the maternal grandma wins with 44%, followed by paternal grandma with 23%, while maternal grandpas get 15% and paternal grandpas are the favorite for 11%.

Source: Preply

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