The Worst Halloween Candy For Your Teeth, According to Dentists

Halloween is almost here, which means a lot of folks probably already have candy in the house and have started dipping into it. While Halloween candy is certainly yummy, it isn’t necessarily the greatest thing for our waistline, and, if you ask some dentists, it isn’t great for our teeth either.

Well, if you are concerned about your teeth, some dentists are here to help you make the best choices when it comes to your Halloween treats, and there are definitely some candies you should avoid.

According to dentists, some of the worst Halloween candy includes:

Gummy candies are the absolute worst, since, according to Dr. Hajera Ali, they take a long time to chew and will likely get stuck in your teeth. Since you chew it longer that means the sugar is in contact with your teeth for longer, plus it will stick in areas that are hard to clean.
Caramels are also terrible, largely for the same sticky reasons.
Tacky candies like Starburst or Now and Laters are described by dentist Joyce Kahng as “sugar bombs,” which are likely to “hang out in hard-to-reach crevices and can pull at crowns and fillings.
Lollipops don’t stick to your teeth but since they take a long time to consume the prolonged acidity can wear on your teeth.
Sour powder candies, such as Pixie Stix, are very acidic, which can cause your teeth to break down.
Candies and gums made with sugar alternatives can contain citric acid which will damage tooth enamel.
So, what candy can you enjoy on Halloween that won’t ruin our teeth?

Well, Dr. Ali says chocolate is fine, since it can be eaten quickly and dissolves fast.
And if you really want caramel, Dr. Kahng recommends a caramel apple, since the crisp apple can help clean the teeth and counteract the stickiness of the caramel.
And dentist Dr. Aaleeyah Alim recommends that if you are going to indulge, it is perfectly okay to do so, but it’s better to do it in one sitting, instead of throughout the day. And once done, wash your mouth out with water.
Source: Insider

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