Woman loses 80 pounds with help from a Hula Hoop

A woman in the UK says she went from weighing 230 pounds to 150 over the course of a year, thanks to surgery…and a hula hoop. Laura Johnson, 42, says that after having her fourth child, there was nothing she could do to slim down. The police dispatcher says she tried everything from Weight Watchers to calorie counting and juicing to water aerobics and nothing worked.

She eventually looked into gastric sleeve surgery and decided to have the procedure last March. ”The gastric sleeve surgery removed 80 percent of my stomach so I do feel full very quickly,” she claimed.

However, she doesn’t credit her weight loss to the surgery alone. Johnson says hula hooping has been key to keeping up with her new lifestyle. The mom-of-four says just 15 minutes of hula hip movements a day has helped her continue to lose weight, as well as feel “lighter” in her head and more “free.”

Source: NY Post

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